Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have Pretty SiStErS

Olivia, Cassidee, and Kenzie with some lovely flowers from our garden.

Olivia by the shed. Cute stuff.


Kenzie lounging on the lawn.

Cake. My little baby step sister is darling.

Summertime trampoline adventures.
This is what beautiful girls do in the summer! Everyone jump on 3...1, 2, 3! Most of the time it didn't work, but we figured it out. My cute sister Olivia, 12, and step sisters Kenzie, 14, Cassidee, 10, and Cailin, 8, got all dressed up for a photo shoot one lovely summer day. They were so happy to have something to do for a few hours. Who doesn't like being a little pampered and showered with attention? I thought these turned out cute.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My cute new sisters.

The scary rides.

Cass about to slide in.

Wave pool fun.
She never actually swung into the water.
 Since Shane's girls will be at our house quite a bit this summer, my mom decided she needed a way to keep them entertained. Hence, 7peaks passes all around! This exciting water park features a wave pool, lazy river, and a plethora of rainbow colored waterslides. What more could a kid ask for? We spent the day in the sun, enjoying the cool water and our snuck in snacks. OH summer. How I love you.

CAMPING (in Arizona)

The famed River.
My mom and Cake.

Hanging around camp.
The dirty girl caught a snake!

Corb is as tall as me now!
Collapsed tent. Boo.

My family and I took a breezy 12 hour drive down to the Grand Canyon state for Shane's annual family reunion camping trip. We stayed on an indian reservation in a campground right outside of Pine Top. As we pulled in, we saw a black bear trapped in one of those huge dumpsters. That was a little freaky! There were about 300 people there, cooking out, setting up tents, and playing in the river. It was fun to get to know Shane's relatives by playing volleyball, sitting around a fire, and participating in relay races and talent show. I am not a huge fan of camping, but this was a fun new adventure.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Myself in a Shell of a Nut

Finn and Corb, excited to eat cookie brownies.
Corbin, Olivia, and Madison at the Salt Lake Bees game.

Golden Gate Bridge.
Alcatraz island in San Francisco.

Mayson Astle and Madison finishing their half-marathon.
Amelia Williams and Madison parasailing in Mexico.

Madison and Mexican fisherman caight a fish.

Corbin and Madison on a fishing boat in Mexico.
My name is Madison. Most people call me Mady though. I am pretty spontaneous and always up for an adventure. I really enjoy golfing. I took 2nd in the region this year on the Timpview golf team. I made all-state as well, tying for 10th. I am a decent runner. I completed three half-marathons last year, the Salt Lake City in April, Utah Valley in June, and the Halloween half down Provo Canyon in October. My favorite thing in the world is probably taking vacations. I live for the anticipation of San Francisco, Disneyworld, Cabo San Lucas, and even the beckoning call of camping in Arizona for a family reunion. Eating is a favorite pastime as well. I make delightful desserts such as creme brulee, chocolate melting cake, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I also like boys. A lot sometimes. I love my cute brothers and sisters and friends, I am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful spirits. Overall, I am a relaxed person who tries to get the most out of life, which is sometimes a challenge, but I find that looking on the brightside is infinitely happier than complaining about difficult circumstances.